Chow Kit Market

Location: Kuala Lumpur

Location Info

Address: Northern end of Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Opening Hours: 6.00hrs to 17:00hrs - Daily

District » City Centre


Chow Kit is part of a district in Kuala Lumpur. It is located around Jalan Chow Kit and is enclosed by the parallel streets such as the Jalan Raja Laut and Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. The name Chow Kit came from the name of a tin miner and a municipal councilor, Loke Chow Kit.


Chow Kit has been a reliable place to purchase fruits, spices, meat, vegetables, clothes, shoes and so on. For generations, the Chow Kit is a wet market frequented by many to obtain the freshest ingredients for their household and also for some restaurant owners. This place may not be somewhere visitors may want to visit because it is in fact a wet market but this is the only place where you can try out local foods at a very low price. The market here begins as early at 6am and you can expect to experience lively and culture rich scenes here. Such market is a rare scene in Kuala Lumpur because of its development.

Even though many supermarkets have grown all over Kuala Lumpur like wild mushrooms, the Chow Kit market endured it all. You will be amazed by the variety of fresh ingredients sold here. If you are a fan of photographing emotions of people and it culture, the Chow Kit market is a great place to start. While you are here, remember to try the street foods here. All sold at a low price, remember to not overeat. The Chow Kit has gone through good and bad times. Chow Kit was nearly demolished to make way to a eleven-storey multipurpose building but was luckily cancelled due to the economic crisis back then.

The Chow Kit market is a remarkable area for you to really submerge into our Malaysian culture. If you would love to see more of the unique of the cultures at the market, do consider staying over at any hotels in Kuala Lumpur. The nearest hotels around Chow Kit matket are the Cititel Express Kuala Lumpur and Hotel Brisdale Kuala Lumpur.


Getting to Chow Kit market is pretty easy. All you need to do it get on the monorail line and remember to stop at the Chow Kit Monorail Station.